Tasks for transit

Providing free transportation to people who need it the most.

The Problem

68% of charities in the Greater Worcester area consider transportation extremely important to the fullfillment of their mission. However, most cannot provide transportation.

Our Solution

We purchase WRTA day passes in bulk and distribute them to each of our Partner Charities, at no cost to them. Our Partner Charities then dispense the passes to those who are most in need.

The Benefits

With access to public transportation, unemployed clients are able to get to job interviews and get jobs. As a result, we contribute to our long-term sustainability and to the Massachusetts economy.

How you can help

Tell your friends about us!
Donate or volunteer with us.
If you know of a charity who could benefit from free bus passes, please let us know.

Our Programs

Bus Day Pass

  1. We buy daily bus passes from the WRTA in bulk.
  2. Every month we give these bus passes to our Partner Charities in the Greater Worcester area.
  3. The Partner Charities then dispense the passes to the people they serve, helping them get to critical appointments and services.

Job Fare

  1. One of our Partner Charities has someone who just got a job! Woo-hoo!
  2. The Partner Charity gives us a call, and we give them a Job Fare Kit containing a 31 Day Bus Pass, a free haircut voucher, and a list of useful resources.
  3. Their client can go to work without worrying about how to get there.

Stats from our March 2015 launch through December 2019

Partner Charities
Bus Passes Dispensed
Spent on Bus Fares
$ 30163 +
Job Fare Kits Dispensed

Frequently asked questions

TFT is a non-profit corporation, founded in March 2015. Our primary mission is to provide free transportation for economically disadvantaged individuals in the greater Worcester area.

We work through other charities to fulfill the our mission. We carefully select a few of the many charities in the Worcester area to dispense individual day passes. We provide each partner charity with sets (typically 10 per month) of WRTA bus day passes to be dispensed. The Partner Charities tend to be those likely to have daily contact with the city’s economically disadvantaged. Take a look at our current list of Partner Charities.

There are three prerequisites for a volunteer to participate in the TFT system. They must be able to work minimum supervision, own a computer and work remotely. Our volunteers should be confident enough to make phone calls, conduct interviews and would be expected to use standard office software such as Word and Excel. A TFT volunteer will never see the actual recipients of the bus passes. We operate more like a wholesaler (TFT) dealing with a network of retailers (our Partner Charities).

There are no formal guidelines. Each dispensing organization is free to each chose each day pass recipient without our involvement. The only guideline is that it dispenses them to those who are in need. Typically this will be a different individual each time since personal situations are constantly changing and a need is therefore temporary.

Absolutely. Tasks for Transit Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, incorporated in Massachusetts.

“I think that the bus passes our families receive every month are incredibly helpful to them. It allows them to go to doctor's appointments, counseling, job interviews, it even allows them to go to work until they get paid and are able to provide that transportation. It’s a huge benefit for all of our families.”
Joanne Alley
Interfaith Hospitality Network
“Jessica is one of our participants who has been connected with us for some time now. She’s gotten to a point where she wanted to begin working on her educational goals. One of those is to start attending the GED programming over at Catholic Charities.”
Ronald Waddel Jr
Straight Ahead Ministries

Are you a nonprofit in worcester?

If your charity is in daily or weekly contact with the economically disadvantaged and does not provide transportation for the clients it serves, then your organization may be a candidate to be a Tasks for Transit Partner Charity. To apply, simply fill out our two minute survey and answer a few key questions.

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