2017 Accomplishments

December 2017: We have met our fundraising goal for this year, thanks to many generous individual and business donors! All we need to do is to double that amount next year!!


2017 Accomplishments

The 2017 accomplishments for Tasks for Transit are as follows
  • Exceeded our revised fundraising goals by 56%
  •  Expanded the TFT net worth by 19% year to year.
  • Met our goal to expand the number of partner charities from 9 to 21.
  • Met our goal to distribute 10 passes per month to each partner charity once they were added to our list of partner charities.
  • Successfully navigated mid-year funding challenges caused by the WRTA’s funding shortfalls.
  • Touched the lives of as many as 1690 people directly, and many more indirectly.
  • Gained broad name recognition in the Worcester non-profit community.
  • Established a fairly full complement of social media presence including website, Facebook and, Youcaring, including a TFT video. 
o   Initiated and continue to publish a monthly newsletter sent to an audience of
o   several hundred people.
  •  Executed a successful yard sale raising at least $890.
  • Laid the groundwork for fundraising for 2018.
  • Added $4,895 to the WRTA’s revenues for 2017, most of which was probably additional business that wouldn’t have been there otherwise.
We could not have done all this without the generous giving of our many donors, both individuals and organizations. Thank you. Here is the distribution of our sources of income for 2017.
  34%   $ 3,223 Individual Donors
 33%   $ 3,040 Organizational Donors
 22%   $ 2,100 Grants
   1% $ 100  Crowd Funding
 90% $ 8,463 Total Donations
  10%  $   890 Event Income
100% $ 9,353.00 Total Income
We have met our fundraising goal for this year, thanks to many generous individual and business donors! All we need to do is to double that amount next year!! That effort has already started, with publicity for TFT’s program; renewal requests for funds sent to individuals and grant applications filled and sent out. Please consider this TFT newsletter a direct request for you to help us raise $15,000 to support the TFT 2018 budget.
Also, we encourage you to support our donor organizations, listed on the sponsors page.

Stats from March 2015 through December 2017

Partner Charities
Bus Passes Dispensed

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Tasks for Transit Accomplishments for 2019

4Q 2019: TFT’s plan for 2019 was to continue its steady growth by adding four Partner Charities to its network. As has been done for the previous two years, one more was added during each quarter of 2019. TFT ended 2019 with 30 Partner Charities.

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